Dissertation Vs. Thesis Writing

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If you are contemplating higher studies, then you must have come across the terms dissertation and thesis. Most students are often confused between the two and use it interchangeably. If you are worried about the cost, there are free essay writer and also provide free essays. While both these papers have several similarities and mark the end of the degree, they differ in some ways too.

Here are some differences between a thesis and a dissertation.

A thesis is usually a form of a final year project for masters students, whereas a dissertation is required for doctoral degree programs. A dissertation is needed to attain the highest level of degree in any field. So, the type of degree for each type of research differs. The data gathering process of the two differs as well.

Dissertation requires students to carry out original research and it uses primary sources such as interviews, observations, focus groups, etc. Whereas a masters thesis relies on secondary data gathered from books, articles, journals, existing studies, reports and statistical data from surveys. Moreover, the purpose of these two projects differs as well.

A master's thesis is assigned to a student, so their understanding of the subject and field can be assessed. It helps students show their professors that they have sound information. However, the purpose of a dissertation is to contribute towards the field with new information. Students writing a dissertation must carry out research and find new solutions for an existing problem.

A dissertation is around 400 pages long and a thesis is based on secondary data, so the less is shorter. It is typically around 100 pages. Whether you’re required to write a dissertation or a thesis, if you get stuck know that there is professional help available. If you are worried about the cost, there are websites that write papers for you for free and also provide free essays.